My works are my artistic interpretation of those instances that are constantly becoming a past, the experiences I share with the surrounding environment — tangible and intangible — and manifest in dreams, visions, and in my perception of the world around me. My intention is to represent creatively my intimate emotional experiences, my demons and my angels, my desires and my fears, in order to induce the viewer to reflect upon their own experiences.

My creative process starts with an idea that I allow to mature in my head for a few minutes or sometimes days. Then, it goes into a rough sketch on paper, and at that point I decide, depending on its complexity, whether my final work can be rendered on paper as a pencil drawing or digitally painted using painting computer applications. This media - digital painting - gives me the freedom to render my final work as a Gicleé print on canvas or high-quality museum papers. This freedom, however, comes with many technical challenges. One of them is the need to work very closely with a photography laboratory specializing in digital technology that is capable of printing large-sized prints using high-quality inks, canvas and a variety of papers that can guarantee archival prints to 90 years.

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